In 1985, Dick Grbac, CFP® and his wife Suzi embarked on a journey that few dare to take; starting a business from scratch in an incredibly competitive industry. Financial advising was, at the time, a service reserved for the ultra wealthy, disregarding the needs of the masses. Dick and Suzi decided to break that barrier and provide unparalleled service to all.

Strategic Advisory Services, LLC was founded in October of '85, with the goal of serving whomever it could. Since then, we have been proud to work with people from all walks of life; AT&T employees, airline employees, oil & gas employees, business owners... You name it, we've seen it.

Today, we operate as a boutique, fee-only financial advisory firm. Our services include building custom financial plans, investment management, and building tax-effective strategies. Our specialty, however, is retirement income planning. Our unique approach to this problem, Income in Stages, Money to Last™, can be adapted for almost any retirement scenario.

Regardless of your needs, the team at Strategic Advisory Services, LLC will walk with you through life's difficult financial journeys. We look forward to earning the right to do business with you.

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